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     Our company, Chengdu Yafei Optical Instrument factory, is located in optical base and giant panda base of Shuangliu district, Chengdu, Sichuan province with a comfortable environment. It is only 10 minutes away from Shuangliu Airport so that the transportation is very convenient; surrounded by many logistics parks so that our logistics network is unimpeded and the goods transportation is timely and fast.

     Mr. Zhang Yongdong, the founder of our company, attended the Changchun Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (the present name is Changchun University of Science and Technology) between 1997-2001. After graduation, Mr. Zhang worked in the Institute of Optoelectronic Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu. With 8 years experiences of optical system design, Mr. Zhang is very proficient in many kinds of optical system path design. Meanwhile, Mr. Zhang has very strong technical skills and means on precision structure design of related optical system, fabrication process of optical technology, precision machining, optical thin film technology and mechanical surface treatment process, etc.. Since founding of our company in 2009,we has won the recognition and reward of Shuangliu district government for 3 years, they are: two consecutive years “Outstanding Start-up Enterprise” awards between 2011-2012 and the award of "Advanced Unit" in 2013.

      Since founding, Chengdu Yafei Optical Instrument factory long-term persists in developing and producing various photographic equipment by means of technological innovation and adheres to the concept of "Honesty, Steadfast and enterprising, Exploitation and innovation, Leading brand" and the development direction of "People-oriented, Technological innovation". Our company long-held adheres to "The only" product line to develop "The only" products for giving extended consumers the distinctive inspiration of "Photo Art Creation". Thus our company founded the YOPHY Yafei brand and the main product is our company own patent product ZASHN filter. With YOPHY Yafei ZASHN filter, you can find that in different time periods, different filter angle, different light position and intensity, will get different photo effects. With YOPHY Yafei ZASHN filter, you will find special effects photography is no longer only belongs to those great photographer, everyone could be a super master of photography world, which makes your photography hobby become a photographic and creative habit; with YOPHY Yafei ZASHN filter, every picture you take will be "The only" picture in the world, because the unique creation time, the unique filter position, the unique light compensation intensity and direction make your photos are unique. There is no doubt that "The only" is YOPHY Yafei ZASHN filter's unique property. With YOPHY Yafei filter, your journey will be no longer boring, your pictures will be no longer single; with YOPHY Yafei filter means you start to hug the art, also means you start the creation of beauty. There are hundreds of specifications and models for YOPHY Yafei ZASHN filter, they will provide you with all kinds of imagination and creative space. At the same time, our company also developed high end close-up lens series products with its composite mirror optical path structure, advanced achromatic design, perfect imaging quality and exquisite manufacturing process, will show you more perfect target details during the filming. Close to "her", close to different beauty; close to "her", close to different visual feast! Apparently,YOPHY Yafei photography makes your photography infinitely possible!

       Our company also provides various kinds of photographic products, such as UV filter, L37UV filter, L41UV filter, IR-CUT filter, HD CPL filter, ND filter, adjustable ND filter, natural night filter, all kinds of square filter, mobile phone wide angle lens, mobile phone close-up filter, mobile phone filter, aerial ND filter, aerial star filter, and aerial ND-PL filter, etc..The matching product frames have high quality aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, copper, magnesium aluminum alloy, etc..Our technical team master all kinds of special manufacturing process and metal surface treatment process to make the products are diversified. YOPHY Yafei makes your choice is endless and makes your photography ways are distinctive. We have super strength in R & D and constantly innovation. Maybe you can't imagine, but we can do it!

      Our company warmly welcomes technical exchanges of like-minded people to discuss together. Let’s use camera to record every moment of us and every beautiful picture around us so that beauty will no longer slip away from us!

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      Since foundation in 2009, Chengdu Yafei optical instrument factory has been engaged in the manufacture and sale of camera lens filters, including camera UV filter, L37 UV cut-off UV filter, L410 UV cut-off UV filter, IR-UV CUT filter, HD CPL camera filter, ND filter, adjustable ND filter, star filter, natural night filter, square ND(4 8 16 32 64 1000 2000 3200 10000 32000) filter series and square gradual ND filter series etc..At the same time, all kinds of camera lens, aerial photography and other products are taken into our consideration, which makes our products has been continuously enriched and improved.

      Recent years, a lot of inferior products are filled in the market. We resolutely discard low quality products, adhere to the high end and high quality route, and never ignore the quality of R&D and production. We do believe quality is the honor and reputation of the company, which is the basis in the market survival. In 2013, our company founded YOPHY Yafei brand products, abandoned the evil habit of low price competition in the market, vigorously developing and innovating. After 5 years of market accumulation and technology development, we launched our special effects photography filter and high-end achromatic lens series products. By great efforts, we have achieved our own high end product line and high quality products series, which provide our users with different products and services!

       Special effects photography will be a long-tern direction of our company, we will constantly strive to develop new varieties and specifications to make YOPHY Yafei brand become the symbol of quality. Choosing YOPHY Yafei means you choose the high quality product and high end service! YOPHY Yafei ZASHN filter as a series of creative photography tools is our company provides for the vast majority of photography masters and photography lovers. Each filter is “The only”, each filter is unique. The same filter will give you different effects. The same filter you use, with different placement angle, different supplement conditions and different exposure time and so on, the photo you take is“The only"; ZASHN filter is YOPHY Yafei provides for you, which is"The only" idea we insist on! Our YOPHY Yafei special effects photography filter will be your most useful tool for art creation. Let's look forward to what masterpiece you will give us and let’s share the wonderful moment you record!

Chengdu Yafei Optical Instrument Factory Chengdu Yafei Optical Instrument Factory Chengdu Yafei Optical Instrument Factory Chengdu Yafei Optical Instrument Factory Chengdu Yafei Optical Instrument Factory
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Trading Company

Brands : YOPHY

No. of Employees : 275~300

Annual Sales : 3Million-4.5Million

Year Established : 2009

Export p.c : 80% - 90%

Website: http://en.cnyophy.com/index.html


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